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The Imperial Chronicles

WWE Stars Released

Both Luke Harper and Sin Cara have been released from WWE.  As of this writing, no further information is available.  WWE posted a brief article simply mentioning their releases.  All they say is: WWE has […]

WWE Smackdown Review - A Smackdown Rendezvous

Burger King

Well, here we go!  The very first in our new Friday Night Smackdown series, “The Deep Dive”.  I’ll be covering this for WR and I’m excited to do it.  WWE really went out of its […]

WWE Smackdown Review - A Smackdown Rendezvous

Can I Get A Selfie?

Hey, kids.  It’s the Botching one with the very last Royal Flush.  Next week, Smackdown Live! begins anew on the Fox network and this blog will get a brand new look and title.  Until then, […]