Smackdown Live - The Royal Flush

Women Of Destruction

Not a bad episode of SmackDown, all the way around. The opening match was leaps and bounds better than the main event, but that’s expected knowing who was in each match. Personally, I’m waiting for […]

Smackdown Live - The Royal Flush

Maryse Is My Cousin From Detroit

This was such a wonderful and well-rounded episode of SmackDown. I honestly want to jump into it without any more of my blathering.   Circular Storytelling This wasn’t just circular storytelling, it was circular storytelling […]

Smackdown Live - The Royal Flush

Take A Knee

An episode of SmackDown that starts with a five crown segment and ends with a five crown segment, is Mercury doing back-flips? I don’t want to rock the boat by saying too much, but I’m […]

The Afterglow

SummerSlam 2018

First off, I’ll fully admit that I’ve not watched NXT TakeOver yet. I was away for much of the weekend and haven’t had the time to see it yet. Therefore, all of my SummerSlam reactions […]