Court of Royal Opinion

HIAC Predicts

Sunday, October 25, WWE presents Hell In A Cell from the Amway Center, also known as The ThunderDome, in Orlando, Florida.   Jeff Hardy vs Elias Queen Other than being thrilled that Eli is back, […]

WWE Smackdown Review - A Smackdown Rendezvous

As You Wish- Smackdown Review

A really strong episode of SD this week.  Storylines pushed forward, feuds growing, and more questions than answers.  They really worked hard to make this one interesting.  So many people were comparing the end of Smackdown […]

The Afterglow

The Afterglow: Backlash

Few were truly excited about the Backlash card, but sometimes the card and the show can end up being very different things.  This is the epitome of exactly that.  Rather than rattling on about it […]