The Afterglow

AEW Revolution

I’ll try to put into words what AEW Revolution was all about. If you want to see a great show for the fans, then you need to watch AEW Revolution. I went back, and re-watched […]

An Elite Journal

Spike To The Eye

Another great show from AEW.  They just keep giving us impressive work after impressive work.  It’s really impressive how they just keep showing PPV-level matches on a weekly show.  It’s something that virtually unheard of […]

An Elite Journal


Hey, kids.  It’s the Botching one with yet another Elite Journal.  Let’s dive right in, shall we?   Jon Moxley vs. Alex Reynolds (w/ Jon Silver) Jobber match.  Why write more?  Jon Silver met the […]

An Elite Journal

Turkeys Can Fly

Welcome to another Elite Journal where yours truly reviews AEW Dynamite each and every week.   Hey Kids, It’s Virgil For all the time Jericho and AEW spent hyping this segment up, it probably could […]

An Elite Journal

Carnie Succubus

It continues. The Wednesday Night Wars have now started, and AEW put on another strong showing. Let’s delve into the show, shall we? Hey Ref Ok, look…this match was good. But I think we know […]