Court of Royal Opinion

WrestleMania 36 – SD Matches

Welcome to the second half of WR Predicts, WrestleMania 36 SmackDown Matches!  We hope you enjoyed the first half of our predictions, and that you’re paying attention to everything written if you’d like a chance […]

Smackdown Live - The Royal Flush

Empty To The Rafters

Another strange episode of Smackdown has happened and when most people are actually home to watch the show, the shows just cannot be up to par.  It really is nothing WWE can do, but it […]

A Smackdown Rendezvous

Mom’s Fruitcake

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised with Raw earlier this week, especially for a taped show, and then this episode of SD which garnered more top grades than SD has in a […]

A Smackdown Rendezvous

Miracle On SD Street

This was quite the feels episode of SD, but not overly saccharine.  A nice show to carry us through the taped shows of next week.  Pretty decent for a mostly stand-alone show that had little […]