Raw - The Getback

This Is Your Yard, Baby!

What’s good everybody, it’s your boi Xavier aka Dre back once again to break down another week of Monday Night Raw. For the most part this RAW was pretty paint by numbers but there were […]

Raw - The Getback

Come Get These Hands!

What’s good everybody, this is your boi Xavier aka Dre here to breakdown the very first RAW of 2018. Hopefully everybody had a very blessed and safe New Year and were able to share spend […]


Stop Whining!!

I have a lot to get off my chest that I need to direct at all those annoying smarks out there and the ones probably reading this who always moan and complain about how the […]

Raw - The Getback


What’s good everybody?  It’s your boi Dre aka Xavier once again here to breakdown another episode of RAW this week.  RAW was really on point this week.  I’ll even go as far as saying that […]