NXT - The Here and Now

Is This The End?

Hey, kids.  Welcome to another look at the “Here & Now” that is NXT…quite possibly the last one.  We have been taking a hard look at what works on Wrestle Royalty and what doesn’t – […]

The Imperial Chronicles

Ciampa Needs Surgery, Now!

Tommaso Ciampa has been dealing with neck issues and it turns out he needs surgery sooner than later.  He will be operated within the next couple days.  While we are not completely sure what needs […]

NXT - The Here and Now

The Velveeta Dream

Well, if it’s not my favorite WWE show!  Please forgive my lateness.  It’s a backstage thing.  I’m just glad to be getting to this now.  On with the show…   In-segment – Johnny Gargano & […]