The Afterglow Review

NXT Takeover: NY

NXT Takeovers can simply do no wrong, plain and simple. Just when you wonder if they can have another, they blow the roof off the place. Last year, Takeover New Orleans stole the show and […]

WWE NXT Review - The Here and Now

Winning Feels GREAT!

So as we all know, NXT’s overall operating philosophy has changed.  It’s no longer just about grooming stars for the main roster.  It really is its own brand within the WWE structure.  As a result, […]

The Afterglow Review

NXT TakeOver: Phoenix

As we bask in the Afterglow of yet another fantastic “TakeOver”, my opinion that WWE is shooting for multiple audiences is only further solidified.  NXT is for us.  You know…the real wrestling fan.  It features a […]

WWE NXT Review - The Here and Now

I’m Not Doin’ Anything!

Hey, kids, it’s the Botching one with another look into the “Illustrious Future”.  With TakeOver just a couple of weeks ago, things should get more interesting for this show.  Let’s dive in!   Johnny Gargano, […]

The Imperial Chronicles

His Future Is Done

Hey, kids, it’s the Botching One with another look into “The Illustrious Future” of NXT.  Well, my favorite whodunit in years is over.  We now know it was Johnny Gargano all along and while I […]