The Imperial Chronicles


The talks between FOX Sports and WWE continue as they plan out their programing and when it will air.  FOX Sports is interested in getting NXT on FOX Sports 1 if at all possible.  Further […]

The Imperial Chronicles

Undertaker Vs Sting?

The one thing that has not happened in the world of professional wrestling that the fans always wanted to see was Taker vs Sting.  Well, when Sting finally made it to the WWE, after WCW […]

Smackdown Live - The Royal Flush

I Want My Baby Back!

The question of the night is whether Eric Bischoff was involved in this episode of SDLive or not. There were moments that felt decidedly Bisch and I mentioned so in the segments I felt him […]

The Imperial Chronicles

Maria Is Actually Pregnant!

One of the biggest questions coming out of Raw this week was about whether Maria’s announcement was kayfabe or real.  It’s since been announced that Maria is pregnant, she and Mike will be having a […]