QUEEN KB (Click for Twitter)
Queen of Wrestle Royalty

A woman who came of age in the 1980s and early ’90s, Kendra has a long view of professional wrestling, its stories, characters, and performers. She is the person who introduces professional wrestling to her friends and acquaintances – getting them past the “wrestling is fake” stigma, and showing them the sport through her own eyes. Her love for professional wrestling is infectious and proves to be a great conversation-starter in surprising places.

Kendra’s writing about wrestling began quite some time ago, as she wrote a detailed summary of each episode of the WWE’s flagship show RAW for an online wrestling information site. After a few years, an opportunity arose to start writing opinions and then news, she jumped in with both feet. Soon to be dubbed ”Queen”, she developed a devoted following who look forward to chatting with her during pay per view events and in the comment section of her blog entries.

She balances wrestling with a healthy dose of parental guidance, mothering, wisecracks and sound advice. Many weekends are spent getting away from the modern world and celebrating the best parts of medieval life with her friends and family in the SCA.

Noble Natalie (Click for Twitter)
Queen’s Royal Guard

I started watching in the early 70’s, drawn in by the likes of the Grand Wizard of Wrestling and some tag team in powder blue trunks that I loved, but never knew their names. Unfortunately I had to stop watching when my young (and spoiled rotten) brothers were given say over the tv, over their more deserving sisters (yes, my sister liked wrestling too). Due to the spoiled brothers I was not able to watch full-time until the 90’s when I finally had my first TV and own home.

Once there, I cut my teeth on the likes of Bret Hart, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhardt, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, and yes, Stunning Steve Austin before he moved on to WWE (a move that did so much for him). I saw The Rockers split up and Marty Jannetty disappear from wrestling on tv, as well as the formation of the New Hart Foundation when Bret went off to singles, while Owen (the best of the Hart family wrestlers to me) joined up with Neidhart. I am one of the proud few that can say they saw The Undertaker’s first and last match when they happened. I even remember Vince on announce, believe it or not. I have been a fan of wrestling for a long, long time (we are not counting the years).

The Queen is like a sister to me. I am her Royal Guard and if anyone messes with her, they will deal with me! Please don’t push those boundaries and buttons because while I don’t like to, I’m not afraid to use the dungeon and force you to face the Royal Knights on the jousting field! If you really cross me, I will sick her pet Dragon on you and you will never live to regret it!

Jester Jason (Click for Twitter)

Jester is from New Jersey, where he was born and raised. He has been an avid wrestling fan since 2002, with his favorite wrestler of all time being Shawn Michaels. He has been writing for various wrestling websites for over 4 years.

While in school, Jester was the Lead Editor of the school newspaper in 6th through 8th grades. During that time, he covered the school sports including interviews, pictures, and results that were also published in the local newspapers.

Jester is married to his wife, Angela, for over 14 years now. They have 2 cats (Ginger and Eliza) and 1 dog (Sparky) that they cherish as their children.


SIR MITCH (Click for Twitter)
Writer/Social network manager

I have been a Pro Wrestling Fan ever since the humble age of three. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I know enough about the industry to get me into trouble! Often opinionated, never duplicated, I am Sir Mitchell of Australia! First Duke of Wrestle Royalty and Scourge of WWE Drones everywhere.




Writer/Chief Petty Officer

What’s good everybody, I’m Dre (Andre R Holly II).  I’ve been a fan of pro wrestling fan since the late 80s (around the time I was 4 or 5) and am thankful for the opportunity I’ve been offered by the Queen to join her and the rest of the crew here at Wrestle Royalty that I’ve had the privilege of discussing wrestling with over the past few years.  I consider the people here my wrestling family.

We’ve often laughed together, debated and argued amongst ourselves like siblings at times but we’ve always shared a genuine respect for one another and a special bond because of our love of wrestling and I’m excited that we’ll continue to have that opportunity going forward.  I look forward to being able to share my thoughts and opinions with everybody here as it pertains to wrestlers, backstage news and events that occur and whether those of you reading agree or disagree with some of my views/opinions, I look forward to hearing feedback from you.  But most important of all, I hope you guys who frequent “Wrestle Royalty” are able to find a home here discussing wrestling.