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Daily Dre: Police officers are like spiders. I know they’re useful to have around, but whenever I see one I get really nervous.   Smackdown Results: Kane comes out to start Smackdown and he speaks […]

An Elite Journal

Spike To The Eye

Another great show from AEW.  They just keep giving us impressive work after impressive work.  It’s really impressive how they just keep showing PPV-level matches on a weekly show.  It’s something that virtually unheard of […]

The Imperial Chronicles

Taz Signs With AEW

AEW has announced that they have signed Tax to a multi-year deal.  Taz recently left CBS Sports Radio and teased that he wanted to get back into the wrestling end of things.  The past couple of […]

Dignified Discussion

AEW Dynamite

Daily Dre: If you don’t get hired for an unpaid internship it literally makes no difference. Just show up and start working. What are they gonna do, pay you?   Results: Page & Omega defeat […]